How do I fix this issue with port 111?

cPanel & WHM does not use rpcbind in any meaningful way. It is a system process that cPanel does not manage. It is generally related to NFS mounts. If the server does not have any of these mounts then the systems administrator should be able to disable the service.


To stop the rcpbind service, run the following commands as root:


systemctl stop rpcbind
systemctl stop rpcbind.socket

To disable the service to ensure it does not start when the server is rebooted, run the following command:


systemctl disable rpcbind

You may also wish to block the port with your server’s firewall or a network firewall. This should not impact the cPanel & WHM related services.


To see if the port is open, run this command against your server’s IP address to see if it’s open:


nmap -Pn -sU -p U:111 --script=rpcinfo

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